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The Alien Assessment of nuclear armed Earth

The Alien Assessment of nuclear armed Earth

Disarm nuclear-bombs and stop testing, 

so we can get out of this Simulation

(Proving the Simulation Theory)

Combined Image by Alexander Antropov and Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Written by: Gerard Schiere MSc.

Date: 14 January 2023

© 2023: Gerard Schiere MSc. (I consider this information to be shared freely as it must be open source information (by sharing the link), but if you use my information, dictate me or use my discovery on Proving the Simulation Theory then you need to give me credit and link back to this article).

Prologue on Alien assessment of nuclear armed Earth

I have written this discussion in order for mankind to understand that we need to be sending a positive Signal for aliens to know that we come in peace. Most of humanity fear the influence of the unknown, and especially if the source is from an Earth-like habitat aka from outside the Earth. Aliens, extraterrestrial beings and entities are the source of terrible and horrific stories, and this idea has been fed by the production of many popular Hollywood movies. In most cases, it stems from the idea that aliens must be of hostile nature and thus have come to wipe us out. Obviously this is a great point of concern, especially when humans have started to look for life outside our planet. But as you will read you will start to understand that the probability is high, that they come in peace as well and don't mean any harm. Next to that there is also the problem of miscommunication as we do not know how to talk to them. So how do we talk to aliens, how do we show we come in peace and how do we Signal that we mean no harm?

I have considered the possibility that writing such a book/ discussion might actually be a threat to me as a human being, but as the aliens most likely are here for our assessment then this discussion must be the starting point of understanding and cooperation between Earthlings and aliens. As I start to understand that it is all about signaling, then we as humanity need to start doing so. With this writing I try to convince You that it is necessary for us to change, and that we need to change now. Without change, we will for sure get a negative advice or negative judgment, and thus they won't allow us to join them. You might think this is far-fetched, but you are actually not in the place where you think you are!

And that we need to start signaling is urgent, as we are in a simulation as we speak. You might find this idea strange, but I will show you a method, that you can use to check yourself within 10 minutes that you actually also are. Check for yourself so that you also can prove the Simulation Theory. As we are in an alien simulation, means that we are in a very precarious situation, and thus we need to make serious decisions for us to break out of this endless recycling circle. This idea that we have been in a simulation or holographic World has been on my mind for a long time, but now that I have been able to connect it to the alien agenda has made me decide to write this long discussion so that we can Change the World and hopefully can safe ourselves.

If you have read this, did the test yourself, and understand the concept of the situation that we currently are in, then you understand the urgency of us spreading this find so that it reaches the people in power. People need to know! Help me change the World by sharing this information. I consider this information as Open Source Information and you are free to share it, but you need to link to this book and give me credit when you use my information and/ or my discovery on How to prove the Simulation Theory?

Gerard Schiere MSc.
Samut Prakarn, 14 Januari 2023 

Table of Content

The Earth has been doomed already, unless...
Extraterrestrial societies
Judgment is upon us
Have Aliens discovered us already?
Separated assessment
How to prove the Simulation Theory?
Our actions are the Signals
Do I expect to see aliens?


World War II ended by dropping an atomic-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Before that we also had the first nuclear-bomb test on 16 July 1945. Nuclear explosions have a tremendous force and it releases an unimaginable amount of energy. At that moment and probably still now, we do not comprehend the consequences and impact that such an explosion has. But it actually might have an influence on spacetime. "Spacetime was bent before the explosion and is bent after, but differently (ever so slightly)". We Earthlings are on the quest to find extraterrestrial life-forms, but you must understand that also aliens - most likely in a collective form aka a galactic society - are scanning the universe for signs of spacetime travel. But as we have harnessed the power of uranium for making nuclear weapons and used it, we actually signaled the aliens that we are armed and ready. And we signaled our position in the fast galaxy with the first three nuclear explosions, creating ripples in spacetime - which obviously are detectable for alien technology.

We fear alien influence, as we only see negative movies made in Hollywood with aliens being the hostile ones. But lets be clear here, us signaling with three nuclear explosions means in their eyes that Earthlings are the hostile ones aka we are the bad aliens. At that time we most likely didn't understand the consequences of our actions and thus mankind is stuck in this reality aka this representation of a World. I describe it this way as you can test for yourself in 10 minutes, that what you are seeing isn't reality. It is something like a separated simulation aka the Simulation Theory, which will continue to reset itself until we do the right thing. The probability is very high that we are under assessment aka judgment from aliens, as we have unknowingly made bad signals at the ending of World War II. And as strange as it might sound, you and I actually might have been born in reality, but the first light that we have seen is this repeated simulation.

How do we solve this problem for humanity? The most important thing is that we need to learn from our mistakes. In this discussion the biggest problem obviously is that we have used nuclear-weapons. There might be a galactic law - of which we have no knowledge - that no alien society can use nuclear weaponry, and thus we are feeling the consequences of that law right now. In order to get out of this simulation, we need to stop making and stop using nuclear weapons. We need to stop testing them, we need to disarm all nuclear bombs and all countries on the planet need to comply. This as the aliens see us as One, and thus all parties involved in nuclear bomb making need to stand down and Stop. This is the only signal that the aliens will understand. Additionally we need to change on every field by returning the kind in mankind.

The Earth has been doomed already, unless...

You might not realize it, but we are currently walking on the rim of what humanity can handle. I would call it the maximization of crises which currently is coming to a climax. We have had the bank crisis, health crises, the gas crisis and most importantly we have had crises in the form of War resulting in additional immigrant crises. But if you add up all the running crises together then you feel that there is a certain accumulation of crises at one point. And there is no sign that it seems to get better. So the question is, what is going on?

There is something wrong

The maximization of crises is showing us that there is an endpoint in the line of crises. Although I am always trying to think positive and make the best of it, from logic and reasoning this line of crises will end in an ultimate big boom. And we all know where this boom will be coming from. It is the big pile of nuclear weaponry that is waiting for decades already, for someone to press the ultimate button. So what we are experiencing now through all the crises, is showing us what lies in our near future. That means there is something wrong and that means also that there is meaning in why we are experiencing this now.

Unless ...

Mankind needs to understand that we can change for the better, but most of us don't realize or simply do not care about that the Time given, is running out! What we are doing wrong is something you can experience everyday with big Worldly problems getting worse, with crises accumulating. Think of the endless row of wars after World War II, health and financial crises, gas crisis and so on. This seems to be getting to a climax at which point we need to make drastic decisions.

Unless we change, the World is doomed!

So why is the Earth doomed?

I would like to point out that it is not normal that the Earth as we are experiencing it now, is undergoing so many crises at once. You might find in normal, but I think it is abnormal. And as the crises are growing in time, we can only expect the worst outcome. So we can see a line in this story, and thus it must have meaning or it must be a warning. We know already what the outcome will be, and thus we must change ourselves for the better now. The question here is why do we see this accumulating line in our history? You might find it strange to hear, but there is good reason that it comes from things happening in our past already. In this discussion I am taking you back to the end of World War II, to the Roswell incident and how we actually are in assessment from Aliens as we speak aka we are in judgment now. How we react now will determine if we have a chance in getting out of this simulation.

Extraterrestrial societies

How aliens look like is difficult to answer. But it most definitely will be difficult to see and understand how an alien society works. Maybe it is comparable with our society with extraterrestrials having similar bodies. But most likely their shape and size will differ from that of ours and it might even frighten us to look at them. And we might not even have the chance to get to understand them completely. To solve this they might actually use bodies just like our own as a host, so that we are not afraid of them. At forehand, we can try to interpret what kind of societies these entities will come from and what kind of intentions they might have.

Hostile aliens

We start here with the group that most people do fear, as they are depicted in Hollywood movies as such. Hostile aliens come here simply to use our resources and then just go. I am not going into all the possible happenings if it concerns hostile aliens, as we simply wouldn't be prepared for it, we wouldn't have the resistance, and we probably wouldn't be able to tell it within a few days. But as you will read here, there might be the option that aliens are already in our midst or are observing us or not here yet. From this point of view I will consider the aliens non-hostile but are observing aka assessing us in order to consider us for joining the galactic society.

Intelligence is necessary

For the development of aliens and the capacity of space travel, they must have advanced capabilities and understanding of complex theories. This most definitely suggests they have intelligence, but their intelligence might be far more advanced compared to our mental capacities. But intelligence has some basic universal languages such as mathematics and can form a basis for communication. If species have developed themselves using intelligence, then they must have good understanding of reasoning and logic, next to which they would know that one must control one's emotions as well. Intelligence, logic and emotional control are things that go hand in hand. But for instance with a hostile alien they might not have the necessary emotional control and thus use a dangerous emotional based logic.

Aliens might appear emotionless

Humans are comprised of many emotions and thus make many decisions based on their emotions. Many times emotion based decisions are the wrong decisions as they are made out of for instance fear, love or anger. But good logic and reasoning in many cases can only be reached while one isn't lead by one's emotions. This is a feature that not many humans have as we humans are most definitely lead by our emotions. Training in equanimity would prove to be a very good asset in order to make decisions without being disturbed by emotions. Extraterrestrial life-form most definitely would prefer good logic and reasoning above emotional decisions. And this would be a good reason for aliens not to have emotions or appear to be emotionless. They might have them, but their experience, education, life, professional progress and development has moved them into a state of consciousness without depending on emotions. This would also mean that if we get into contact with them, we should use good logic and reasoning for communication without being lead by emotions. An emotional decision actually might be considered to be illogical for the alien and thus they wouldn't understand us. For them humans might be considered "dyslectic" due to our emotions.

The good beans group

I would like to point out that there obviously must be hostile aliens, but their numbers probably aren't as much as the friendly aliens. And there is a good reason for it. Just like us, they at one point in their history must have been on the crossroads where they discussed the option of encountering hostile aliens. They would fear that and thus the natural way for extraterrestrial beings to find contact is by searching for it in stealth (secretly without disturbing other aliens) until they know for sure that this species is benign and safe. I would call this an Assessment of the new species. From that point on they would try to make first contact with this new alien World in any way possible. When contact has been made, then the two parties as benign aliens would work together in improving themselves and the New World as well. But if the assessment would turn out to be negative, then first contact wouldn't be made at all as the New World would be considered dangerous, toxic or in any other means inappropriate for them. This shows that the assessment is like separating the good beans from the bad beans and only using the good beans. And this also shows that the good beans are forming a group, but the bad beans remain separate. It means that the good beans group has much more potential and possibly much more strength in many ways instead of the bad beans. And we as humans need to make sure that we are considered part of the good beans group.

What is the galactic society?

The galaxy is immense and has billions of stars with potentially many life-forms in it. Eventually in their evolution they would have reached for the stars as well (far before we ever started to gaze at the stars) and thus have discovered many alien societies in time. As stated the good beans of aliens would be forming a large group as bad aliens would be excluded from it (as logic would dictate). This good beans group must consist of many, hundreds or even more societies that work together in exploring the Universe. From my point of view these societies will have agreements on sharing technology, research, resources and information in order to grow. And this must be considered as a galactic society, which actually might be governed by a central institution or foundation with logic based decision making.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Judgment is upon us

If our society gets into contact with aliens, then there will be some kind of judgment or assessment of our state of being. This assessment is important for further steps into the future with (or without) them. As I stated before, such an assessment would be in stealth for sure as they need to make sure that our species is benign or hostile. They do this in stealth in order to protect themselves and to prevent the assessed species to get their hands on their technology and/ or knowing that they are there. If a hostile species would get their hands on that kind of advanced machinery then that would have far-fetching consequences. How would such an assessment go?

What are the criteria that we will be judged upon?

Imagine that we are being judged as we speak. If an alien society is watching us now, and is judging us also, then what are the criteria that we are being judged upon? This is an important question as we actually do not know how these extraterrestrial beings or entities think. But the answer is easier than you might imagine. We are being judged based on how we treat others. How we treat others is the first and most important sign for others to see and understand how we work as a society. And how we treat others is the signal for them to understand that we will treat them the same way or worse as we would treat our own species as such. That's the signal that they are looking for and that's the signal that we should improve.

If these aliens see our society in harmony, being kind, nice and having peace with everyone living in equity, then that would mean that we will treat them in the same way. This kind of society for sure would be considered exemplary and thus would be a benign asset within their galactic society. But if our society would show severe inequity, wars, deceptions, suppression then these entities would consider our society as risky, unsafe or even toxic and thus wouldn't want to have anything to do with us. They actually would expect us to put them through the same process as we do with our own citizens.

What if our judgment is positive?

If we are judged positively, that would mean that we have sorted out our society nicely and how we treat others is considered good and nice. Aliens would then try to connect with us in a friendly way. This might be physically by showing themselves, but their appearance might frighten us and thus the connection at first might be in a non-physical way. First contact actually might be for us getting the idea that we can develop some kind of technology which will get us to the next level of exploration. This can be done through telepathy as obviously aliens have better control over their thoughts and imagination. But something like this or seeing them will only occur if we have matched their criteria.

What if we are not there yet?

The extraterrestrial society has judged us but we haven't shown enough progress or are too stubborn with our next improvements. This only would mean that we have the potential to reach for the stars, but we do not make the necessary steps to get there. It is the natural state of mankind to not do anything or not to improve, if they think they are doing well already. Many people think that providing for oneself and having good health is good enough, but if one lives in riches and doesn't care or think about those who have nothing, then that would be a wrong signal. This might be on a small scale just for one family and for a homeless person living on the streets nearby, but on a big scale it might mean ignorance or suppression of a group. The family or one group might be doing well, but there is a part of society that is forgotten. These kinds of signals can be found anywhere all around the World from small to large scale problems. There is very much room for improvement here and thus we should act on it. If one knows where the problems are, then one should act on them as well, so that the situation can improve. Improving the World can start with small steps of kindness and thus we should be prepared to do so.

What if we are judged negative?

There is a good chance that we get a negative assessment. Just open the newspapers, look at the internet or television and you see examples on how bad we do things around here. So what are the consequences of a negative judgment? I would say there are some options:

  • no destruction: as we are in assessment then the aliens are open for discussion and thus are from a positive society. They have given us time and chance to show that we can do better, but sadly we haven't. It simply will mean that we don't get the chance of joining the galactic society. If it would be hostile aliens on the other hand, then there would be instant destruction and there wouldn't be any judgment as well;
  • nothing happens. Earth can live life normally, but as we don't show improvements and repeat our own mistakes continually then we probably are doomed anyhow. Earth most likely will shut down in some way, or due to wars mankind will destroy itself;
  • we have to wait for another assessment. This means that we have spoiled the current opportunity. There might be new opportunities ahead, but we need to wait for them or we change before;
  • we have to change. If we are judged negative, then that means that we do something wrong. If we change for the better than we can get rid of the negative assessment. As we actually do not know if, when and how this assessment takes place, then we should make the effort anyhow. If not only for ourselves and for our planet.

Is there instant judgment?

I would speculate that it depends on the type of alien species, if we get time to be judged or that it is instantly. But if it would be instant judgment, and they are already here, then we wouldn't be talking right now. And so if they are already here, then they are giving us time. This also goes for benign aliens or hostile aliens. If hostile aliens would come here, then we wouldn't have time to prepare anything. But if they would be benign aliens then they would give us time, chance and opportunity to proof ourselves. As discussed before, the chance of getting into contact with benign aliens is far greater, then getting into contact with hostile aliens and thus the chance of getting time, chance and opportunity is great (even if they are here already, or even if they aren't here yet).

Where do we currently stand?

If we would be judged at this moment, then it would be a very bad one. People are starving in warm and hot desert like countries, millions of people are roofless and hungry, certain groups are discriminated or not being treated similar, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and from WWII the World has seen an endless followup of Wars resulting in destruction and de-location of people everywhere with it potentially resulting in a nuclear everything destroying D-day. Almost everything that humans seem to be doing is wrong, with all the crises accumulating into the worst situation ever. The World would get a negative school-report on maybe every subject thinkable. If we would be judged now, then we would make a very bad impression, and thus we would be considered as bad beans. We actually should stop everything on this planet, and start again building a new improved society. The decision is ours for sure, we must put the word kind back into mankind. And that seems to be lacking everywhere.

Where are the aliens now?

It doesn't matter where the aliens are now. They might be within our population already, they might be observing us from a point where we don't see them, or they might simply not have encountered Earth yet. From the alien point of perspective, it is necessary that we need to show our good side always. This as we are judged based on how we treat our own species. So if they are already here within our population or observing us then they know already what we are doing Wrong. And lets be clear, we are doing wrong as we speak. And we almost hit rock-bottom. So in that case we have the opportunity Now to show them that we can change. And this is the key to our success within the galactic society. They probably see us for what we are now, that we will only repeat our mistakes continuously without learning from it. But if we show them otherwise, then they might be curious about our species and the resilience that we have. From the perspective that we are judged as we speak, we should act and Change now. If on the other hand we are in the third situation, which is that they haven't encountered Earth yet, then we still have time. In that situation there are three options. We will gain technology for us traveling into the galaxy using wormholes or other means reaching them first, we won't get to the point that we gain this technology, and they don't reach us or aliens will reach us first in the near future. As we must expect to meet them at some time, then we must be prepared for it.

Why does first impression count?

If an alien encounter would occur now, then they directly would see and know what our society is about. They have advanced technologies and mental capabilities with which they instantly can scan what we are about. This also goes for the situation when we are traveling into space already and encounter them. They scan our machines and our minds, and thus know within seconds what we do on Earth and how we respect each other. So by simply encountering them, they will know for sure. If in that case we still have "severe inequity, wars, deceptions, suppression" on Earth, then they will know even if we are light-years away from our planet. It is our leaky mind that will give it away and thus the first impression is a bad one. But if we have an improved Earth with equity for everyone, no wars, no starvation, no suppression and chances for everyone then our leaky mind will give that information away and that obviously is a good impression. From this point of view, we must change before we actually start to reach for the stars and try to find extraterrestrial life. So if we do have first contact, we can make sure that it is a good first impression.

In the following Chapters you can read that we most likely have made a very bad first impression already, and that the situation can be worse than we might expect.

Have Aliens discovered us already?

Many of us think that aliens still haven't discovered us and that we still have a lot of time to prepare.

This might be the case, but there is also a lot of evidence otherwise. I am not going into all the sightings and reports that have been made public over the years, but I am going to focus on Roswell as it is the first incident. What happened there might be a direct consequence of the nuclear-bombs detonated during World War II. How is it possible that aliens might have detected our position within the fastness of the Galaxy and what are the consequences of this fact happening?

Why was Roswell interesting?

"Roswell had the Roswell Army International Airfield during World War II and Walker Air Force Base during the Cold War. When it closed, the 4,600 acre base was the largest of the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command" (lit.8). As it was a big Airfield, it might have been an area of interest for the aliens as to estimate the strength of the defenses up-close.

What happened in Roswell?

Probably the most famous UFO reporting is that of Roswell in New Mexico in the year 1947 on 3rd of July. Strange metal rods were found after some kind of crash, after which the military swiftly cleaned up the site and stated that a downed hot air balloon crashed there. In the Roswell Daily Record it was stated as a headline that "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region". This is the first record of a UFO-like sighting and suggests many things. It has been the initial source of many speculations and the starting point of alien conspiracy theories.

Picture source

So for the sake of argument, what if there was a real cover-up and the initial report of the flying saucer is true, then why has this happened and why has this happened just two years after the ending of World War II.

Creation of the atomic-bomb

Already in 1939 plans were drafted for the creation of a mass destruction weapon by the "Italian emigre physicist Enrico Fermi with U.S. Navy department officials at Columbia University". Albert Einstein supported the idea "that an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction had great potential as a basis for a weapon of mass destruction" (lit.2). In 1940 the US Federal Government granted the support and development of this weapon under the name Manhattan Project, and the necessity of this development became urgent from 1942 as America was drawn into World War II. This as the Government feared that also Germany was developing their atomic bomb at the same time. From 1943 the Manhattan Project was lead by Robert J. Oppenheimer. In this period until 1945 theory and practice came together resulting in the first nuclear explosion on 16th July 1945. This was a uranium based nuclear explosion. Initially the atomic bomb was developed to be used on Berlin in order to force the surrender of Germany. But the War ended beforehand. Japan on the other hand refused to surrender, and thus it was decided to use the bomb on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 and on Nagasaki on 9th August 1945 (lit.3). After these two bombs Japan surrendered as well and World War II had officially finished.

Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

What are the consequences of an atomic bomb?

Everyone knows that the usage of an atomic bomb has far-fetching consequences. The majority of humans fear this weapon as it can end life on Earth as we speak with only a push of a button. If one side of an armed conflict uses this weapon than also the other side most likely will use it as well. And that situation will start an unstoppable chain-reaction resulting in the end of the World as we know it. These are the normally understood consequences of the usage of an atomic-bomb. But there are additional consequences which we actually might not even comprehend to understand. Just 1 kg of uranium-235 has the equivalent energy of 17,000 tons aka 17 kilotons of TNT (lit.4). In comparison, the largest nuclear bomb created ever called the Tsar Bomba RDS-220 hydrogen bomb has the equivalent energy of 50 Mt aka 50 million-tons of TNT (lit.5). Atomic-bombs create an unimaginable amount of energy, which can result in consequences we might not oversee or understand. And for sure we didn't think of the consequences when we used it on Japan. One of these consequences is that it might create rips or wrinkles in the fabric of space and time. "A nuclear explosion converts one sort of mass/energy into various other sorts of mass/energy, some of which will leave the vicinity of the explosion. The explosion is a redistribution of the stuff that causes the spacetime metric to bend. Spacetime was bent before the explosion and is bent after, but differently (ever so slightly)" (lit.6). We do not know how such an explosion interacts with spacetime, but as the explosion is so severe then we can stipulate that it must have some kind of interaction with it. And thus the statement of M.Hoath MSc. should be considered of influence when these kinds of explosions occur. So nuclear explosions have influence on spacetime (even a little bit) and that can be measured or can be detected by aliens.

Did we gave our position away?

If an alien society is searching for other unknown species, then they most definitely would be scanning the universe for signs of spacetime travel. This can be in the form of wormholes, actually bending time or space, or other means of traveling between the stars. It would be considered as an indication of strong development of intelligence and technological advancement, and thus it would get their interest for sure. But mankind doesn't have that kind of technology. Earthlings have harnessed its power by creating a weapon instead. The uranium bomb exploded three times directly after each other, creating a ripple in the fabric of spacetime aka bending it. Only a one time explosion might be considered from a non-intelligent source aka a natural phenomenon, but three times in a row would be considered from intelligent source for sure. And thus it must have been investigated. As mankind used the atomic bomb three times we actually gave away our position within the fastness of the galaxy. And the signal that we gave was a bad one, as it was a mass destruction weapon. From this point of view we must conclude that the chance is very high that aliens from July till August 1945 have detected our presence. But they came here in stealth as we signaled that we are armed and ready, and thus we were categorized as hostile aliens.

They are here!

If aliens have detected our position in 1945 already, then we must stipulate also that 1947 was a cover-up and thus we must conclude that they are here. Now the following question would be, in what quantity are they here? As it was a first signal from us, then they most likely would send one of their ships to investigate in order to see what is going on here. This would suggest that initially only a small force got here. As our signal was from a mass destruction weapon, they would consider us as a threat or dangerous until proven otherwise. It is for this reason that we are in assessment by aliens who are in stealth here.

So what happened in Roswell for sure? If the aliens are here in stealth observing us, then can we stipulate what has happened 1947?:

  • did the aliens encounter a technical problem? This would be less obvious as they have advanced technologies and thus it is less plausible that there was a technical problem;
  • did the US army detect an anomaly and thus reacted on it? I do not think that the army already had advanced measuring instruments to see and detect unseeable objects. But they do use "Radar signal anomaly detection which is an effective method to detect potential threat targets" (lit.7). This method doesn't directly detect an object, but actually searches for things that are not normal on simple radar scans. If for instance a stealth ship would be hovering somewhere, then at that position birds, insects or dust (lit.8) wouldn't fly and thus it would look like a void. This would be a strong indicator of something being present at that place, without us being able to see it. For this argument I don't know how accurate the analysis from radar signals in 1947 was, but a similar method might already have been developed during WWII. If the army would detect such a void continuously on a radar scan, then maybe they investigated and probably took it down by trial-and-error. This method might also be the case if they were hiding in the weather, but rain, moist or thunder cannot pass an object in hiding and thus it can be seen as a void;
  • Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

  • "It is alleged that a "flying disk" crashed during a severe thunderstorm near RIAC at Corona, New Mexico" (lit.1). This would mean that actually the weather took down the machine. But even this could be a cover-up as the severe thunderstorm might be the result of some kind of weaponry;
  • a far-fetched theory might be that the object actually was hiding here from other aliens trying to get them. The severe thunderstorm could be considered as fighting with phaser-like weapons. In this case we might have helped the fugitive alien. This should be considered a very dangerous version as we got our hands on alien technology, but still with the other alien threat hovering near us and observing us.

What ever the reason for the failure at Roswell, they must have been discovered unwillingly.

So why the clumsy cover-up?

If the Army would had recognized such a void and acted on it, then why didn't they control the situation properly without any news leakage. For this there are some options:

  • they didn't know that it was an object, and they simply tried. Maybe they shot on the void, or they used an EMP weapon. A side effect of a nuclear explosion is also EMP with electric circuits falling out. The military might have had such an initial weapon during the post WWII days and might have used it on the void to see what happened;
  • the weather took down the object (it seems strange to me that highly advanced technology cannot stand our weather conditions);
  • alien technology took down the alien ship.

From the moment the object was hit, it went down but it didn't go down in the expected area. Or the military actually didn't know that something was crashing down. When arriving on site the military saw the object and made sure that it was kept a secret. But as others also saw this object or heard the crash, then they needed a quick cover-up.

Lit.6 M.Hoath BSc in Physics

Separated assessment

We already have stipulated that we accidentally made contact with aliens, and they already have been here and might still be here as well. In that case the chance is high, that we are currently under the so-called assessment. But the first sign we have shown them is of hostile nature and accidentally or on purpose an alien ship came down in Roswell as well, then what are the consequences of us being considered hostile? As stated the answer would be that new alien ships would have come here and would have come here in full force. But as we are still here, then they still would have come in a restricted peace setting. Their logic might be that our species didn't understand the consequences of our actions and everything has happened in a bad to worse order. But from their point of view this most certainly also would have been an act of War, and thus we must be happy that we can still tell about it. As we are still here actually is proof that they are benign. So if this is the case then in what kind of situation are we in now?

The following absolutely is speculation, but there might be some truth in it. If the aliens have considered us hostile and destructive, then we instantly would have gotten a negative mark aka we would have been flagged. As we have been detected within the galaxy in 1945 already and the additional alien accident happened in 1947, then we must conclude as well that we have been in assessment and probably in suspension from that point on. So from around 1948-1950 our planet has been in alien assessment and/ or we have been separated aka imprisoned in a barless prison. And this assessment is still going on till today, as a society such as mankind cannot change overnight. Additionally we might not even comprehend in what kind of predicament we currently are, as we might be on the brink of our own destruction, on the brink of them completely leaving us alone. The last option is that they wait up to the brink where Earthlings do make the necessary change. Which way we go, depends completely on us!

How does such a suspension look like?

As we have been flagged within the galaxy, then it can have some far-fetching consequences. The most obvious would be that we are banned from contact as we have shown our hostile intent. That would simply mean that alien societies that are within the galactic society will avoid our spacial territory. How vast this spacial territory is, I have no idea but it most likely reaches up to the border of our solar system, the border of interstellar space or the Oort-belt. The outer-edge of this belt lies around 10.000 to 100.000 AU from the Sun (lit.10). 1 AU is 1 Astronomical Unit aka 149,6 million km. For us this is an unimaginable distance but for alien species with spacetime travel technologies it is peanuts. As we don't have these kinds of technologies, and they will not give it to us, then we simply are confined to our space, unless we change or unless we develop this technology ourselves. Although we are trying to get the grasp of these technologies, it probably will take centuries before we even can make the first spacetime jump with an actual spaceship. And thus the most logical thing to do, is to Change mankind by Changing our thinking and by Changing our actions.

Is there the option of complete separation from real space?

A more direct and more intrusive method of separation is that we all have been put under a stasis of some kind and are sharing a simulation (see the chapter on how to prove the Simulation Theory). This actually would mean that we would have been put into a Matrix-kind of structure and state, where we actually are working and experiencing life within a holographic or simulated World. This obviously has enormous consequences and needs to be considered as a serious infringement of our Rights as Humans. If this is the case then we only have to blame ourselves, as we acted unintentionally hostile. From this point of view the only option for success as mankind is to change, be kind and humble so that we get their attention and get released from that kind of separation (if even possible).

Are there aliens trying to help us?

If most aliens have a logical point of view, then there must be some or a few aliens as well that understand that things have happened due to misunderstanding, miscommunication and not knowing what the consequences were of detonating nuclear-bombs. In their eyes it would mean that we have acted clumsy in many ways. And thus there is a chance that aliens actually are trying to help us. So yes we have been in suspension for decades (or longer as a simulation can be reset over and over again) already, but with the help of aliens and importantly by Changing ourselves, we can help ourselves. Regarding this it doesn't matter if there are aliens who are trying to help us or not. We must signal that we are not hostile, and the best way to do that is by doing it ourselves, through Change.

Are there aliens in our midst that deceive us?

We have concluded that there is a good bean group of aliens that try to do good by being good, and most likely this group has put us in suspension due to our hostile intent. But there is also a small group of bad beans that might also already have spacetime technology and thus there might be aliens among us that don't have good intentions with us. They would want us to join their team. We must consider this group as a problem as we do not know what their plans are and most likely we are being mislead by their bad intent. In this case it is tricky to know, which alien to trust and which not to trust. If we want a quick fix then we follow the bad beans, and we might pay a high price for it But if we develop ourselves by Changing our thought, talk and most importantly our actions, then we can get the attention from the good beans group. In my view this for sure must be the focus of our attention and this method might take decades as humanity needs to change from the inside out and from top too down.


How to prove the Simulation Theory?

Many people have this strange feeling about this World. It doesn't seem to be right in some way, but they cannot put their finger on it. It is like what I have been feeling from when I was a child up to now. The feeling that I was out of place or didn't belong in it. At first I thought this was due to me being different from others, or that the group didn't accept me. But with getting older one gets smarter and thus have more insight in this World.

I mentioned already that there might be the possibility of this World being a simulation, then we for sure can find evidence of it. This isn't about if we are on a flat, round, hollow or squared earth, but it is about if what we see isn't actually created directly in front of our eyes. So is there any way that we can find proof just looking around us?

An important way to think about this World, is according to the Simulation Theory. This theory suggests that this World isn't what it seems, but actually is created by some kind of computer as a program or it is like a hologram. And many people do feel that there is something going on as the World feels weird, as I have experienced from childhood. So the main question here will be, how do we prove that this World actually is a simulation?

Test it Yourself to prove the Simulation Theory

At University I learned that measuring is knowing, so that is what I am going to do here. As we want to see if it is real, then the measurement is in the form of taking a photo and that is something anyone of us can do. I simply made three photos with in the background a black object with a white object in front of it. In my case a black mouse-pad and a white paper in front of it. I used my normal

Tab A 10.5 tablet for making the photos:

  • First a general photo of the setting;
  • Second photo of a finger in front of it without zoom;
  • Third and fourth photo of a finger with zoom.

I need to point out that from these photo's I think that the first two look normal, but the thirds looks weird. I have investigated the three photo's on strange things in it. And the following occurred strange to me.

The paper-rim on the first photo shows a strange black line around the paper, and within the black line over the white paper is a whiter stripe visible. Both the black and the whiter stripe shouldn't be there. At the point where the black line crosses the white background, the black stripe becomes more clear.

The power-cord on the first photo shows clear white lines (whiter than the white paper behind it) around the black power-cord. There is absolutely no explanation on why there should be an additional white line around the black object, unless it is to give it more accent.

The finger on the second photo shows a not so clear small black line and a bit lighter stripe around it. This is very hard to see on this photo. That is why I have added the third zoom photo in order to show some additional information more clearly.

The finger is zoomed in on the third and fourth photo. I already stated that it looks strange on the photo. But I want you to focus on the black and white stripes surrounding the finger. On the left and right at A you see clearly a black line on the inside and a whiter then the surrounding white stripe around it. If you follow the black line from A as it goes over from the white background to the black background, then you see that the position of the black and white stripe changes. The white stripe appears close to the skin and the blacker stripe appears at the area of the black background. Simpler said the black line in the white background, changes into a white line with the black background. I have found out that this effect you simply see the best using a black and white background, but you hardly can see it if you use colored backgrounds.

If you want to see this yourself, you need to use appropriate zoom when taking the photo, and should zoom in on that photo to see it clearly. This as it is only a fraction of a millimeter wide. It took me no more then 10 minutes to make the appropriate photo's to prove that there is something going on. It clearly shows that there are black and white lines surrounding objects and body, which can change position as well depending on the background color. Let me make this one clear:

This is impossible if the body or objects are solid!

So what are we looking at here. I would like to compare it with when someone is in front of the green sheet when presenting a TV program. We the people see it as a person with a moving picture behind it, but the shot is taken in front of that screen. It is like a copy paste which also uses the same color effects. If objects and our body are holograms or look holographic, then I think you can expect this kind of digital changes in colors. But it isn't possible if the object is solid, as there cannot be this change in solid things. By simply making these photo's I have shown you that you can see if you are a projection or not, just by being observant. Please make sure for you to try it for yourself at home, so that you can prove me wrong. For me personally I consider this actual first hand evidence for proving the Simulation Theory (© 2023: Gerard Schiere MSc.).

PS: if your phone can zoom-in 4-times then you need to enlarge the photo afterwards, but if you have a phone with 8-times enlargement then you can see it directly.

How big is this simulation?

I don't know. If our real body is surrounded by a cocoon or something like that, then what we see might actually be just a projection around our body or it is just a projection around our eyes. So what we see actually is fake. But we experience being with other people around us, and that suggest we are connected with each other on a general playing field. We can meet in the projection that we see, but we actually are far apart. Another method is that our mind is connected to a computer which mentally projects this World into our brain. I would say that the projection method is the more efficient one, as I would stipulate it to be less technical challenging. As I can show you the changes of color, then I suspect that it is a projection in front of our eyes.

Can we find these lines elsewhere in history?

If I can find these stripes and changes of color so easily, then where can we find it also in history. For that we need to look at footage from specific periods in time. So let's have a quick look at that and see if we can recognize the black stripes.

This is President Reagan on 27 October 1964 in a "Time for Choosing" speech. If you look closely there is a black stripe surrounding the ear of the President, which looks much darker than the black background. There is no explanation for why this line should be there.

George H.W. Bush slams Ferraro over foreign policy during 1984 debate. This one is less clear. But in the blue background you see a black stripe running over the shoulder of the President, but this stripe disappears in the red area. This also is impossible if we are looking at something solid. But there are changes in color based on background colors which shouldn't be there.

Jan. 20, 1989: Pres. George H.W. Bush's Inaugural Address. Here you see a typical discoloration over the shoulder and upper-arm and also around the left side of the face. With the dark red area the stripe seems black, with the light red area it seems less black or looks like a thin line with the same color inside and then to the upper-arm side a dark black stripe. This shouldn't be there, but clearly is depended on the color changes in the background.

I am not specifically saying that the president's are holographic, I am saying that what you and I see isn't reality (but the persons in the picture experience it as reality). It is a projection!

How long has this been running?

This is also hard to say. If our time line is direct from the interference from aliens till now, then we should see evidence like that as presented in movies from the 1950's. But before that period there shouldn't be any strange stripes. For this it is difficult to find evidence as movie quality wasn't good (less pixelation and movies that originally were black-and-white have been colored and thus retouched which are not usable). But I have found these stripes in video's up to 1946, but also in 1940. What does this mean?

In "What Middle Class High School Kids Were Like In The 1950s" shows the same black line from light dark at the top with a light background to darker black at the darker bottom.

In The Jubalaires - Noah 1946 you clearly see the black stripe around the second person. Also the jacket at the arm of the first person shows a black stripe over the suit of the second person.

Review Of The Year 1940 (1940). Here you see a gentleman with a black stripe over his forehead and especially over his nose down to the chin. (1:44 min)

This last picture is very essential in our discussion here because it is from a pre-alien period (aka pre-nuclear explosion, pre-Roswell). As we have stipulated that we are under alien assessment as we have made the worst signaling ever, then we have been separated as a threat from the rest of the galaxy. This obviously as we didn't understand the consequences of our actions. But as we now also have a photo with the stripes before that time, then this would suggest that even then we already were in a simulation. This can mean 3 things:

  • the aliens have made sure that we see a repeat of history as it happened. And thus we see also the same result before and after the arrival of aliens. But maybe as we might not have learned anything from previous cycles, then we are on a destructive course and thus will destroy ourselves again and again until we do the right thing. This would mean that we actually see a continual repeating cycle of history;
  • this is not the first cycle;
  • the cycle comes to an end very soon and thus we need to start all over again.

An alternative explanation is that we are a simulation. But I think this is incorrect, as we can feel our real body (having pain in unexpected moments, feeling other things, smelling other things, without any reason what so ever). And thus I consider us having a real body but what we are seeing is a simulation, as the truth.

As we are in a continual repeat of history, then we do not know what year it really is. In Western countries we think at this point in time that it is 2023 but in for instance a country like Thailand we are already in the year 2566. How many centuries does it take for mankind to learn from its unfortunate mistake and start to do the right thing?

PS1: There might actually be a galactic law, that prevents every alien society from using nuclear weapons, and that we are undergoing the consequences of that law as we speak

PS2: If the simulation is in a cycle aka repeating itself, then that would be a very good explanation for why so many people experience the deja-vu feeling, the feeling that something has happened already and why people have specific dreams, as dreams within this context might be a warning of things to happen or actually are a memory of a past cycle. In that case our brain tries to catch up with things happening.

Our actions are the Signals

As humanity we need to start to focus on what is important. For-mentioned chapters have been a stipulation on why the chance is high that we have accidentally caught alien attention in a bad way, and that we are under suspension and assessment within a simulation. But for the sake of argument what if aliens haven't seen our hostile signal and haven't come here yet, then what do we need to do? Even if they aren't here yet, then we must expect that they will find us in the near future. And thus we must choose to change for the better. How we treat our own species is how they expect to be treated by us and thus it must be a good signal. The best signal of all is how we act on Earth and how we can live in peace without destroying this place. And only this principle can result in the Signal needed to get the attention of the alien galactic society.

Proving that we are humble

There are many things that we as humans need to change. On our planet there is much suffering from homeless people, the poor, desolated people and the sick as the system doesn't support their method of thinking or it doesn't comply with the needed profits. Everybody has right on a roof above one's head, a full stomach with good healthcare. These are the basics and it is something that we aren't offering. It needs to change. A big problem is also how much profit big companies take, while normal workers get a hunger-salary. This is so wrong! But we also have no respect for one and another. We are all people, and should act in such a way. No one is lesser than the other, as we all have a heart inside. Share love, give a helping hand where you can and always act in kindness as you do not know what someone else is going through.

Disarming is the biggest Signal

The biggest Signal that we might be able to give to the galactic society, is that we disarm all our global nuclear-bombs. What the consequences of nuclear bombs are we do not know, but aliens would be careful as it might influence their method of space travel. Some people might suggest that this power we have is a big bargaining chip that we should hold on to. But till the moment that we don't let that chip go, the alien society will consider us as dangerous cowboys for sure. From the moment that we let go of our chip, the alien society will become lenient and let us go from our current state of despair. Don't be stubborn and change by disarming!

Stop the testing of nuclear-bombs

Next to this it is imminent to stop the testing of nuclear-bombs. Every-time that we still test it - maybe done from a scientifically point of view - has the same rippling effect on spacetime. The US held its last Nevada Test during Shot Divider of Operation Julin on 23 September 1992 whilst the last Soviet test took place on October 24, 1990. But other countries have begun testing nuclear-bombs as well, such as in India 11 May 1998, in Pakistan on 30 May 1998 and in North Korea on 03 September 2017 (lit.9). This continuous testing of nuclear-bombs is the repeated signal to aliens that we are armed and ready. If you stop the testing then you stop the signaling as well. PS: it doesn't matter which country is testing nuclear-bombs as from an alien point of view it is Earthlings that are testing and thus Earthlings are saying we are cowboys. Stop it now, and help change our Earth.

With this I need to point out that if we disarm now, then we do this within the simulation. In reality our Earth most likely already has been disarmed by the aliens. But we need to prove ourselves that we can do it, and thus we need to show this within the simulation. Only our actions can free us from this simulation.

Do I expect to see aliens?

There are billions and billions of stars within our own galaxy and there are even more galaxies outside our galaxy as well. It can only mean that there is life outside our planet for sure and there is also a very good chance that we are not the only species that actually is looking for the stars and searching for extraterrestrial life-form. And we can stipulate that there are many alien species that have grouped as a good group to withstand the most likely smaller group of bad aliens.

But as it looks like that we have made some terrible signals at the End of World War II, we have become the focus point of aliens, and we have been flagged as potential bad aliens. This as nuclear-bombs might have far-fetching consequences which we might not understand or oversee. From the point of view of aliens we have crossed the line and that was a declaration of War. But as they most likely are aliens with understanding through reasoning, then they have given us a chance to prove ourselves. That is why we are experiencing a simulation in order to learn from our mistakes. But we continuously make the same mistake and thus it ends the World again and again. And thus there must be a change on Earth in order for us to break through the endless recycling circle of mankind. If we do not do this now, then we have no chance in getting to a better future. So we must change, and we must change Now as we are out of Time.

I have talked about the good bean alien society, and I am sure they are out there. But we need to prove first that we have changed, before they will reach out for us. If not, then we are doomed again! In the end I think we will meet aliens, and that can be quicker then we might think. Even they might think that after centuries of thought, humanity must have their moment of enlightenment. And that moment might be now, with everyone knowing that aliens are here right now and waiting for us to do the right thing. So I hope that this discussion has been an eye-opener for you and everyone on Earth. We must act together and change so that we can get into the good beans galactic society.


In this argument I need to add that we have been put in this simulation by aliens, because they considered us hostile. But as aliens most likely think as One, then they saw us as One as well. So they put all of us in here and they didn't think we could change. This I would consider tunnel-vision and thus in my opinion mankind has been judged too quickly and we are living in the consequences of that decision now. But as individual humans can change for sure, then aliens must understand now that there are many alternatives for mankind, which might not have been considered to be so at that first moment of judgement. And as they have seen that we do change, then they might actually be sorry for putting us in here in the first place. So from this point I do think we are under assessment now, to know if we can be prepared for a better future where aliens and humans can coexist next to each-other. And I for sure think that this is the path that extraterrestrials and mankind must take together.


We live in a simulation (you can find evidence yourself by taking a simple photo, and prove the Simulation Theory) that shows us a part of history that has been changed or shows us a reality from which we must learn. We experience an accumulation of crises and this line of accumulation can only end in the final big boom. All the logic within the program is pointing to that end-solution and thus the usage of nuclear weaponry.

That we are in a simulation is all our own fault. We have signaled with three nuclear explosions at the End of World War II that we are here and armed to the teeth. As we don't understand what the consequences of nuclear explosions can be, there might be the possibility that it has influence on how spacetime bends. Any change in that is detectable by alien technology, but sadly our signal is unintentionally interpreted as an act of War aka we are the bad aliens here. And thus we need to learn from our mistakes.

We as Earthlings need to change, and we need to change completely. We need to put the kind back into mankind, be nice to our citizens and kind to aliens. But most importantly we need to signal so that the aliens know that we have learned already. And the best way to signal given the current situation is to: 

  1. Disarm nuclear-bombs everywhere;
  2. Stop the usage of nuclear weaponry instantly; 
  3. Stop testing nuclear weaponry;
  4. Change, be kind and forgive.

It is the only method for the aliens to know that we have changed and that we are here to negotiate and listen to what they have to say. If not, then we are doomed and need to repeat the simulation again and again. But if we can make the correct decisions now as mankind, then we might be able to coexist with aliens from now on in real reality.

Please do the test yourself, and see the truth. If you see it, then you cannot un-see it. Humans need to know and we need to show people at the top this information and You can help. Please share so that mankind knows and Changes! 

If you use my information on the Alien Assessment of nuclear armed Earth or the method of Proving the Simulation Theory, than you need to link back to this article and give me credit.

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